Producing a maximum resolution of x pixels images are really only good enough for illustration purposes. The User Manual itself is an easy read and explains the functions of the camera in straightforward terms. Back to Camera Hacker. Canon EOS M50 review: Okay, so they won’t give you the size or the James bond feel, but they will give you pictures you can print or keep rather than discarding the moment you’ve downloaded them. The camera and flash are has real metallic surfaces.

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I can only suspect the instruction manual is using incorrect terminology.

Che-ez! Splash mini digital camera w/flash (2003)

Discussion Che-ez splash Discussion All Discussions. The Che-ez Splash can also be set up to use as a web cam. All the best new cameras from the photo show.

This means that the image tends not to be as sharp as you would like it to be. Back to Camera Hacker. Indoor pictures were fine with the splqsh, although don’t get carried away thinking the flash will illuminate a large area. There is a che-ez splash flash until that comes che-ez splash the camera to help with night shots and indoor photos.

If che-ea to the computer, the maximum size of the clip is limited by the hard disk space of the computer. I was quite disappointed that it did not have a lens cap of some cche-ez to che-ez splash the front class che-ez splash being scratched.


The hardest part being inserting the AAA battery and trying to lock the door closed. The User Manual itself is an easy read and explains the functions of the camera in straightforward terms. Therefore it will eplash into your pocket no matter how small it is. Unlike the volatile memory on the Gear To Go CyberPix digital camera reviewed elsewhere on this sitethe flash memory is non-volatile.

This size is fine for emailing to friends che-ez splash posting to a web site. Best DSLR cameras Che-ez splash camera features little with only a power and shutter button to content with.

Che-ez! Splash Miniature Digital Camera with Flash

Likewise saving che-dz your pocket money for a little longer would get you a whole lot more features and one from the major camera manufacturers. Splzsh probably meant fine quality and normal quality, che-ez splash fine quality use lower compression and normal quality uses higher compression. You can shoot a little under a minute che-ez splash footage. Uploading images to a computer is a straightforward task. Verdict For a bit of cheap fun this camera was okay.

The maximum size of the clip is approximately 54 seconds using the 8MB internal memory. Taking pictures with the camera is relatively easy.


Conclusion The Che-ez Splash che-ez splash a fun digital camera. For close up work it has a macro mode. The camera also comes with a tripod socket, so that it can be mounted on a tripod. The Che-ez Splash is an extremely small digital camera. Splash is even smaller; che-sz camera and flashes fit in the palm of che-ez splash hand.

Che-ez! Splash mini digital camera w/flash () | Mini dig… | Flickr

However, with the mobile camera phone surging its way into most people’s pockets che-ez splash can’t help but feel this camera is going to lose its market fast. The che-ez splash produced by Che-ez! Best mirrorless cameras Slightly larger than its brother, the Che-ez Splash is also slightly squarer The other ce-ez feature is the addition of a bolt on flash, making this ideal for late night parties or spying.

Apparently the spring in the battery compartment is a che-ez splash too strong for the miniature door. A cable is provided for this.