Listen using a computer

DDd joy

One way to listen with a computer is to simply come to this site, search for the Day number you want as shown on the home page, and click the link to listen at the bottom of the episode notes. Other methods will save you the trouble of searching each day, but take a couple of steps to set-up.

If you are using a Windows computer, you can also use iTunes. Use this link or search for ‘dailybiblereading’ on iTunes.  

OR for Windows, Apple and Linux computers, other podcast programs/players include iHeartRadio, Sticher Radio, PodkickergPodder, Miro, and Juice. In most of these you can paste the rss feed/code below into a subscription blank/form in order to enable regular listening.

rss link/code:



Other web site access

In addition to the site, there are a number of other locations that are automatically updated with each podcast: You can download an episode at this site by right clicking on the upper left corner of the audio player.