Listen using an Apple i-device

Install our FREE app via the App Store at THIS LINK or by searching in the App Store for the ‘daily bible reading app’. DDd showthumbnail1400sq160
  • You can also subscribe and listen to the DBRP using Apple’s native Podcasts app (with the purple icon shown below). Then search inside that app for “Daily Bible reading podcast” and among the choices you will find one with the DBRP icon pictured to the right. Our own DBRP app is very cool, but if you also listen to other podcasts, you may prefer managing your subscriptions and listening all in one app.
  • Use this link to find the DBRP on iTunes:
  • There are many other podcast manager apps which can be used, including Overcast and Castro. Sometimes it is helpful to have the RSS link in order to subscribe via some podcast manager apps. Should you need it, the RSS link for the DBRP is
  • appleapp


    <— the icon for Apple’s native Podcast App