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Phil’s top 5 tips for reading the whole Bible in one year:

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What’s special about the Digging Deeper reading plan?

 It is important to consider what plan to follow in reading the Bible! I find I can't share about this without telling my age and sounding like I am boasting, so here goes: I will soon be 66 and have read the whole Bible yearly for the last 46 years. I know from experience that some reading plans are not fun to follow. That is why I designed this plan to be practical and doable— taking only 20 minutes per day to finish the whole Bible in a year. And these things make the DBRP plan unique and interesting:

  • I like a plan that gives you something from the New Testament every day. I have arranged the New Testament books according to chronological and thematic considerations and with the Gospels spread out during the year. My goal was to help the reader see correspondences between the Old and New Testaments and follow themes in the New Testament. For instance, the Gospel written for the Jewish audience— Matthew, is followed by NT letters directed to the same audience.
  • In the first half of the year, the DBRP plan tells the Old Testament story in its logical and chronological order— which is also the ordering given in the Bible. In the second half of the year, some retelling of history (starting with 1st Chronicles) is mixed in with the major prophets of Jeremiah and Ezekiel— so that correspondences between what was foretold and the fulfillment are more easily seen.
  • Each day there is a reading from Old Testament poetry, and those books are taken in Bible order starting with Job and ending with Isaiah.
  • Cohesion and Seeing Correspondences: The DBRP plan begins the year with the Bible's oldest book (Job), plus the story of the beginning of the world (Genesis), and the earliest written Gospel (Mark). At the end of the year, stunning correspondences can be seen between the minor prophets, Isaiah, and the book of Revelation. If you listen to the podcasts, I give brief introductions to each reading— reminding you of what has gone before and pointing out correspondences that show the amazing unity in God's Word.
  • Convenience: The integration of our Digging Deeper Daily reading plan in the YouVersion Bible reading app makes it easy to keep track of your reading progress using any smart device. Our own DBRP podcast app for Android and Apple devices makes it easy to automate listening to the podcasts. See how to get the DBRP app for your device by scrolling down on the landing page of this site. The Bible app and the listening app make it easy to do what you want— whether that be to just read the plan, just listen to the podcasts, or do both at the same time.shot 08

You can listen to the DBRP using two translations.

I (Phil) read the  Good News Translation (GNT) for the 2016 podcasts. This is one of my favorite translations and it has excellent scholarly backing. The GNT New Testament  translation was first published under the name of Today's English Version in 1966— when I was 16. This translation meant a lot to me in my teenage years and after, and I want to share this with my grand kids. The GNT has been very helpful in my own translation work in Indonesia, and it has influenced every other Bible translation published since 1970. In the podcast readings, I have made minor changes to the GNT based on my Bible translation experience, and these are documented in the episode notes. The GNT series of podcasts have file names like this: DBRP_001.mp3 (for the first episode). There are several GNT in YouVersion. The one I am reading from is the USA version, GNTD.

In the 2014-2015 podcasts I read the New Living Translation (NLT). The NLT translation is my all-time favorite. It conveys the meaning of the original texts in modern, clear, and natural language. In the NLT podcast series, I made minor changes to the NLT based on my Bible translation experience, and these are documented in the episode notes. If you listen to the NLT podcast series, the file names are like this: 2015DBRP_001.mp3 (for the first episode).

Both the GNT and the NLT are meaning based translations, which makes them easy to understand for podcast listeners. For more information about how the GNT and NLT compare to other translations, please see the bottom of the Shovels page.

In 2017, choose episodes that have names starting with GN- for the GNT podcast series. The GNT series have a yellow icon. The NLT series of podcasts have names starting with NL- and the episode icons are dark blue.


DDD Reading Calendar


1 GEN.1 GEN.2 JOB.1 MRK.1.1-28  
2 GEN.3 GEN.4 JOB.2 MRK.1.29-45  
3 GEN.5 GEN.6 JOB.3 MRK.2  
4 GEN.7 GEN.8 JOB.4 MRK.3  
5 GEN.9 GEN.10 JOB.5 MRK.4.1-25  
6 GEN.11 GEN.12 JOB.6 MRK.4.21-41  
7 GEN.13 GEN.14 JOB.7 MRK.5.1-20  
8 GEN.15   JOB.8 MRK.5.21-43  
9 GEN.17 GEN.18 JOB.9 MRK.6.1-29  
10 GEN.19 JOB.10 MRK.6.30-56    
11 GEN.20 GEN.21 JOB.11 MRK.7  
12 GEN.22 GEN.23 JOB.12 MRK.8.1-21  
13 GEN.24 JOB.13 MRK.8.22-38    
14 GEN.25 GEN.26 JOB.14 MRK.9.1-29  
15 GEN.27 JOB.15 MRK.9.30-50    
16 GEN.28 GEN.29 JOB.16 MRK.10.1-31  
17 GEN.30 JOB.17 MRK.10.28-52    
18 GEN.31 JOB.18 MRK.11    
19 GEN.32 GEN.33 JOB.19 MRK.12.1-27  
20 GEN.34 GEN.35 JOB.20 MRK.12.24-44  
21 GEN.36 JOB.21 MRK.13    
22 GEN.37 JOB.22 MRK.14.1-42    
23 GEN.38 GEN.39 JOB.23 MRK.14.43-72  
24 GEN.40 JOB.24 MRK.15.1-32    
25 GEN.41 JOB.25 MRK.15.33-47    
26 GEN.42 GEN.43 JOB.26 MRK.16  
27 GEN.44 GEN.45 JOB.27 1PE.1  
28 GEN.46 JOB.28 1PE.1.22-25 1PE.2  
29 GEN.47 GEN.48 JOB.29 1PE.3  
30 GEN.49 GEN.50 JOB.30 1PE.3.17-22 1PE.4
31 EO.1 EO.2 JOB.31 1PE.5  
32 EO.3 EO.4 JOB.32 JAS.1  
33 EO.5 EO.6 JOB.33 JAS.2  
34 EO.7 EO.8 JOB.34 JAS.3  
35 EO.9 EO.10 JOB.35 JAS.4  
36 EO.11 EO.12 JOB.36 JAS.5  
37 EO.13 EO.14 JOB.37 2PE.1  
38 EO.15 EO.16 JOB.38 2PE.2  
39 EO.17 EO.18 JOB.39 2PE.3  
40 EO.19 EO.20 JOB.40 LUK.1.1-45  
41 EO.21 EO.22 JOB.41 LUK.1.39-80  
42 EO.23 EO.24 JOB.42 LUK.2.1-35  
43 EO.25 EO.26 PSA.1 LUK.2.25-52  
44 EO.27 EO.28 PSA.2 LUK.3  
45 EO.29 PSA.3 LUK.4.1-30    
46 EO.30 EO.31 PSA.4 LUK.4.22-44  
47 EO.32 EO.33 PSA.5 LUK.5  
48 EO.34 EO.35 PSA.6 LUK.6.1-31  
49 EO.36 EO.37 PSA.7 LUK.6.24-49  
50 EO.38 EO.39 PSA.8 LUK.7.1-30  
51 EO.40 PSA.9 LUK.7.20-50    
52 LEV.1 LEV.2 PSA.10 LUK.8.1-21  
53 LEV.3 LEV.4 PSA.11 LUK.8.22-56  
54 LEV.5 LEV.6 PSA.12 LUK.9.1-36  
55 LEV.7 LEV.8 PSA.13 LUK.9.28-62  
56 LEV.9 LEV.10 PSA.14 LUK.10.1-24  
57 LEV.11 LEV.12 PSA.15 LUK.10.23-42  
58 LEV.13 PSA.16 LUK.11.1-28    
59 LEV.14 PSA.17 LUK.11.29-54    
60 LEV.15 LEV.16 PSA.18 LUK.12.1-32  
61 LEV.17 LEV.18 PSA.19 LUK.12.21-59  
62 LEV.19 LEV.20 PSA.20 LUK.13  
63 LEV.21 LEV.22 PSA.21 LUK.14  
64 LEV.23 LEV.24 PSA.22 LUK.15  
65 LEV.25 PSA.23 LUK.16    
66 LEV.26 LEV.27 PSA.24 LUK.17.1-21  
67 NUM.1 PSA.25 LUK.17.21-37    
68 NUM.2 PSA.26 LUK.18.1-30    
69 NUM.3 PSA.27 LUK.18.18-43    
70 NUM.4 PSA.28 LUK.19.1-27    
71 NUM.5 NUM.6 PSA.29 LUK.19.20-48  
72 NUM.7 PSA.30 LUK.20.1-26    
73 NUM.8 NUM.9 PSA.31 LUK.20.20-47  
74 NUM.10 NUM.11 PSA.32 LUK.21.1-19  
75 NUM.12 NUM.13 PSA.33 LUK.21.17-38  
76 NUM.14 PSA.34 LUK.22.1-38    
77 NUM.15 PSA.35 LUK.22.39-71    
78 NUM.16 PSA.36 LUK.23.1-34    
79 NUM.17 NUM.18 PSA.37.1-20 LUK.23.26-56  
80 NUM.19 NUM.20 PSA.37.20-40 LUK.24.1-34  
81 NUM.21 PSA.38 LUK.24.30-53    
82 NUM.22 NUM.23 PSA.39 ACT.1  
83 NUM.24 NUM.25 PSA.40 ACT.2.1-24  
84 NUM.26 PSA.41 ACT.2.16-47    
85 NUM.27 NUM.28 PSA.42 ACT.3  
86 NUM.29 NUM.30 PSA.43 ACT.4.1-22  
87 NUM.31 PSA.44 ACT.4.19-37    
88 NUM.32 PSA.45 ACT.5.1-21    
89 NUM.33 PSA.46 ACT.5.17-42    
90 NUM.34 NUM.35 PSA.47 ACT.6  
91 NUM.36 PSA.48 ACT.7.1-39    
92 DEU.1 PSA.49 ACT.7.30-60    
93 DEU.2 DEU.3 PSA.50 ACT.8.1-25  
94 DEU.4 PSA.51 ACT.8.25-40    
95 DEU.5 DEU.6 PSA.52 ACT.9.1-19  
96 DEU.7 DEU.8 PSA.53 ACT.9.17-43  
97 DEU.9 DEU.10 PSA.54 ACT.10.1-29  
98 DEU.11 DEU.12 PSA.55 ACT.10.21-48  
99 DEU.13 DEU.14 PSA.56 ACT.11  
100 DEU.15 DEU.16 PSA.57 ACT.12  
101 DEU.17 DEU.18 PSA.58 ACT.13.1-33  
102 DEU.19 DEU.20 PSA.59 ACT.13.26-52  
103 DEU.21 DEU.22 PSA.60 ACT.14  
104 DEU.23 DEU.24 PSA.61 ACT.15.1-21  
105 DEU.25 DEU.26 PSA.62 ACT.15.19-41  
106 DEU.27 PSA.63 ACT.16.1-24    
107 DEU.28 PSA.64 ACT.16.19-40    
108 DEU.29 DEU.30 PSA.65 ACT.17  
109 DEU.31 DEU.32 PSA.66 ACT.18  
110 DEU.33 DEU.34 PSA.67 ACT.19.1-22  
111 JOS.1 PSA.68.1-19 ACT.19.23-41    
112 JOS.2 JOS.3 PSA.68.19-35 ACT.20.1-25  
113 JOS.4 JOS.5 PSA.69.1-18 ACT.20.17-38  
114 JOS.6 JOS.7 PSA.69.19-36 ACT.21.1-25  
115 JOS.8 JOS.9 PSA.70 ACT.21.20-40  
116 JOS.10 JOS.11 PSA.71 ACT.22  
117 JOS.12 JOS.13 PSA.72 ACT.23.1-22  
118 JOS.14 JOS.15 PSA.73 ACT.23.19-35  
119 JOS.16 JOS.17 PSA.74 ACT.24  
120 JOS.18 JOS.19 PSA.75 ACT.25  
121 JOS.20 JOS.21 PSA.76 ACT.26  
122 JOS.22 JOS.23 PSA.77 ACT.27.1-26  
123 JOS.24 PSA.78.1-39 ACT.27.18-44    
124 JDG.1 PSA.78.32-72 ACT.28    
125 JDG.2 JDG.3 PSA.79 GAL.1  
126 JDG.4 JDG.5 PSA.80 GAL.2  
127 JDG.6 JDG.7 PSA.81 GAL.3  
128 JDG.8 JDG.9 PSA.82 GAL.4  
129 JDG.10 JDG.11 PSA.83 GAL.5  
130 JDG.12 JDG.13 PSA.84 GAL.6  
131 JDG.14 JDG.15 PSA.85 1TI.1  
132 JDG.16 JDG.17 PSA.86 1TI.2  
133 JDG.18 JDG.19 PSA.87 1TI.3  
134 JDG.20 JDG.21 PSA.88 1TI.4  
135 RUT.1 RUT.2 PSA.89.1-29 1TI.5  
136 RUT.3 RUT.4 PSA.89.19-52 1TI.6  
137 1SA.1 PSA.90 ROM.1.1-17    
138 1SA.2 PSA.91 ROM.1.16-32    
139 1SA.3 1SA.4 PSA.92 ROM.2.1-16  
140 1SA.5 1SA.6 PSA.93 ROM.2.13-29  
141 1SA.7 1SA.8 PSA.94 ROM.3.1-20  
142 1SA.9 1SA.10 PSA.95 ROM.3.9-31  
143 1SA.11 1SA.12 PSA.96 ROM.4.1-17  
144 1SA.13 PSA.97 ROM.4.11-25    
145 1SA.14 PSA.98 ROM.5    
146 1SA.15 PSA.99 ROM.5    
147 1SA.16 PSA.100 ROM.6.1-23    
148 1SA.17 PSA.101 ROM.6.1-23    
149 1SA.18 1SA.19 PSA.102 ROM.7.1-17  
150 1SA.20 PSA.103 ROM.7.7-25 ROM.8.1-4  
151 1SA.21 1SA.22 PSA.104.1-18 ROM.8.1-30  
152 1SA.23 1SA.24 PSA.104.19-35 ROM.8.12-39  
153 1SA.25 PSA.105.1-23 ROM.9.1-24    
154 1SA.26 1SA.27 PSA.105.23-45 ROM.9.6-33  
155 1SA.28 1SA.29 PSA.106.1-27 ROM.10.1-21  
156 1SA.30 1SA.31 PSA.106.24-48 ROM.10.1-21  
157 2SA.1 PSA.107.1-22 ROM.11.1-24    
158 2SA.2 PSA.107.23-43 ROM.11.17-36    
159 2SA.3 2SA.4 PSA.108 ROM.12.1-21  
160 2SA.5 2SA.6 PSA.109.1-19 ROM.12.1-21  
161 2SA.7 2SA.8 PSA.109.15-31 ROM.13.1-14  
162 2SA.9 2SA.10 PSA.110 ROM.13.1-14  
163 2SA.11 2SA.12 PSA.111 ROM.14.1-23  
164 2SA.13 PSA.112 ROM.14.1-23    
165 2SA.14 PSA.113 ROM.15.1-33    
166 2SA.15 PSA.114 ROM.15.1-33    
167 2SA.16 PSA.115 ROM.16    
168 2SA.17 PSA.116 JHN.1.1-34    
169 2SA.18 2SA.19 PSA.117 JHN.1.24-51  
170 2SA.20 PSA.118.1-16 JHN.2    
171 2SA.21 PSA.118.14-29 JHN.2    
172 2SA.22 JHN.3      
173 2SA.23 PSA.119.1-16 JHN.3    
174 2SA.24 PSA.119.17-32 JHN.4.1-26    
175 1KI.1 PSA.119.33-48 JHN.4.25-54    
176 1KI.2 1KI.3 PSA.119.49-64 JHN.5.1-30  
177 1KI.4 1KI.5 PSA.119.65-80 JHN.5.24-47  
178 1KI.6 1KI.7 PSA.119.81-96 JHN.6.1-40  
179 1KI.8 PSA.119.97-112 JHN.6.25-71    
180 1KI.9 1KI.10 PSA.119.113-128 JHN.7.1-24  
181 1KI.11 1KI.12 PSA.119.129-144 JHN.7.25-53  
182 1KI.13 1KI.14 PSA.119.145-160 JHN.8.1-30  
183 1KI.15 1KI.16 PSA.119.161-176 JHN.8.28-59  
184 1KI.17 1KI.18 PSA.120 JHN.9.1-41  
185 1KI.19 1KI.20 PSA.121 JHN.9.1-41  
186 1KI.21 1KI.22 PSA.122 JHN.10.1-21  
187 2KI.1 2KI.2 PSA.123 JHN.10.11-42  
188 2KI.3 2KI.4 PSA.124 JHN.11.1-26  
189 2KI.5 2KI.6 PSA.125 JHN.11.21-57  
190 2KI.7 2KI.8 PSA.126 JHN.12.1-26  
191 2KI.9 2KI.10 PSA.127 JHN.12.20-50  
192 2KI.11 2KI.12 PSA.128 JHN.13.1-17  
193 2KI.13 2KI.14 PSA.129 JHN.13.12-38  
194 2KI.15 2KI.16 PSA.130 JHN.14.1-21  
195 2KI.17 2KI.18 PSA.131 JHN.14.15-31  
196 2KI.19 2KI.20 PSA.132 JHN.15.1-17  
197 2KI.21 2KI.22 PSA.133 JHN.15.1-27  
198 2KI.23 PSA.134 JHN.15.18-27 JHN.16.1-15  
199 2KI.24 2KI.25 PSA.135 JHN.16.12-33  
200 JON.1 JON.2 PSA.136 JHN.17.1-26  
201 JON.3 JON.4 PSA.137 JHN.17.1-26  
202 JER.1 JER.2 PSA.138 JHN.18.1-27  
203 JER.3 JER.4 PSA.139 JHN.18.19-40  
204 JER.5 JER.6 PSA.140 JHN.19.1-27  
205 JER.7 JER.8 PSA.141 JHN.19.14-42  
206 JER.9 JER.10 PSA.142 JHN.20  
207 JER.11 JER.12 PSA.143 JHN.21  
208 JER.13 JER.14 PSA.144 1CO.1  
209 JER.15 JER.16 PSA.145 1CO.1.18-31 1CO.2
210 JER.17 JER.18 PSA.146 1CO.3  
211 JER.19 JER.20 PSA.147 1CO.3.10-23 1CO.4
212 JER.21 JER.22 PSA.148 1CO.4.14-21 1CO.5
213 JER.23 PSA.149 1CO.6    
214 JER.24 JER.25 PSA.150 1CO.7  
215 JER.26 JER.27 PRO.1 1CO.8  
216 JER.28 JER.29 PRO.2 1CO.9  
217 JER.30 JER.31 PRO.3.1-18 1CO.10  
218 JER.32 JER.33 PRO.3.18-35 1CO.11  
219 JER.34 JER.35 PRO.4.1-14 1CO.12  
220 JER.36 JER.37 PRO.4.14-27 1CO.13  
221 JER.38 JER.39 PRO.5 1CO.14  
222 JER.40 JER.41 PRO.6 1CO.15.1-34  
223 JER.42 JER.43 PRO.7 1CO.15.20-58  
224 JER.44 JER.45 PRO.8.1-21 1CO.16  
225 JER.46 JER.47 PRO.8.17-36 1JN.1  
226 JER.48 PRO.9 1JN.2    
227 JER.49 PRO.10.1-17 1JN.3    
228 JER.50 PRO.10.16-32 1JN.4    
229 JER.51 PRO.11.1-16 1JN.5    
230 JER.52 PRO.11.16-31 EPH.1    
231 LAM.1 LAM.2 PRO.12.1-15 EPH.1  
232 LAM.3 PRO.12.14-28 EPH.2    
233 LAM.4 LAM.5 PRO.13.1-13 EPH.2  
234 1CH.1 PRO.13.12-25 EPH.3    
235 1CH.2 PRO.14.1-18 EPH.3    
236 1CH.3 PRO.14.17-35 EPH.4    
237 1CH.4 PRO.15.1-17 EPH.4    
238 1CH.5 PRO.15.16-33 EPH.5    
239 1CH.6 PRO.16.1-17 EPH.5    
240 1CH.7 PRO.16.18-33 EPH.6    
241 1CH.8 PRO.17.1-14 EPH.6    
242 1CH.9 1CH.10 PRO.17.14-28 1TH.1  
243 1CH.11 1CH.12 PRO.18.1-12 1TH.2  
244 1CH.13 1CH.14 PRO.18.13-24 1TH.3  
245 1CH.15 1CH.16 PRO.19.1-15 1TH.4  
246 1CH.17 1CH.18 PRO.19.14-29 1TH.4.13-18 1TH.5
247 1CH.19 1CH.20 PRO.20.1-15 TIT.1  
248 1CH.21 1CH.22 PRO.20.16-30 TIT.2  
249 1CH.23 1CH.24 PRO.21.1-16 TIT.3  
250 1CH.25 1CH.26 PRO.21.15-31 MAT.1  
251 1CH.27 1CH.28 PRO.22.1-15 MAT.2  
252 1CH.29 PRO.22.14-29 MAT.3    
253 HOS.1 HOS.2 PRO.23.1-18 MAT.4  
254 HOS.3 HOS.4 HOS.5 PRO.23.17-35 MAT.5.1-26
255 HOS.6 HOS.7 HOS.8 PRO.24.1-18 MAT.5.27-48
256 HOS.9 HOS.10 PRO.24.17-34 MAT.6.1-18  
257 HOS.11 HOS.12 PRO.25.1-14 MAT.6.19-34  
258 HOS.13 HOS.14 PRO.25.15-28 MAT.7.1-20  
259 2CH.1 PRO.26.1-16 MAT.7.12-29    
260 2CH.2 2CH.3 PRO.26.13-28 MAT.8  
261 2CH.4 2CH.5 PRO.27.1-14 MAT.9  
262 2CH.6 PRO.27.14-27 MAT.10.1-33    
263 2CH.7 2CH.8 PRO.28.1-14 MAT.10.16-42  
264 2CH.9 PRO.28.15-28 MAT.11.1-19    
265 2CH.10 2CH.11 PRO.29.1-14 MAT.11.16-30  
266 2CH.12 2CH.13 PRO.29.15-27 MAT.12.1-21  
267 2CH.14 2CH.15 PRO.30.1-17 MAT.12.22-50  
268 2CH.16 2CH.17 PRO.30.17-33 MAT.13.1-30  
269 2CH.18 PRO.31.1-21 MAT.13.31-58    
270 2CH.19 PRO.31.10-31 MAT.14    
271 2CH.20 2CH.21 ECC.1 MAT.15.1-20  
272 2CH.22 2CH.23 ECC.2.1-17 MAT.15.21-39  
273 2CH.24 2CH.25 ECC.2.12-26 MAT.16  
274 2CH.26 2CH.27 ECC.3 MAT.17  
275 2CH.28 ECC.4 MAT.18.1-20    
276 2CH.29 ECC.5 MAT.18.15-35    
277 2CH.30 ECC.6 MAT.19    
278 2CH.31 ECC.7 MAT.20    
279 2CH.32 ECC.8 MAT.21.1-27    
280 2CH.33 ECC.9 MAT.21.23-46    
281 2CH.34 ECC.10 MAT.22.1-22    
282 2CH.35 ECC.11 MAT.22.23-46    
283 2CH.36 ECC.12 MAT.23.1-28    
284 EZK.1 SNG.1 MAT.23.13-39    
285 EZK.2 EZK.3 SNG.2 MAT.24.1-31  
286 EZK.4 EZK.5 SNG.3 MAT.24.23-51  
287 EZK.6 EZK.7 SNG.4 MAT.25.1-30  
288 EZK.8 EZK.9 SNG.5 MAT.25.14-46  
289 EZK.10 EZK.11 SNG.6 MAT.26.1-35  
290 EZK.12- EZK.13 SNG.7 MAT.26.31-75  
291 EZK.14 EZK.15 SNG.8 MAT.27.1-44  
292 EZK.16 ISA.1 MAT.27.35-66    
293 EZK.17 ISA.2 MAT.28    
294 EZK.18 EZK.19 ISA.3 JUD.1  
295 EZK.20 ISA.4 HEB.1    
296 EZK.21 ISA.5 HEB.2    
297 EZK.22 ISA.6 HEB.3    
298 EZK.23 ISA.7 HEB.3    
299 EZK.24 EZK.25 ISA.8 HEB.4  
300 EZK.26 EZK.27 ISA.9 HEB.5  
301 EZK.28 EZK.29 ISA.10 HEB.6  
302 EZK.30 EZK.31 ISA.11 HEB.7  
303 EZK.32 EZK.33 ISA.12 HEB.8  
304 EZK.34 EZK.35 ISA.13 HEB.9  
305 EZK.36 EZK.37 ISA.14 HEB.10.1-22  
306 EZK.38 EZK.39 ISA.15 HEB.10.12-39  
307 EZK.40 ISA.16 HEB.10.35-39 HEB.11.1-23  
308 EZK.41 ISA.17 HEB.11.17-40    
309 EZK.42 EZK.43 ISA.18 HEB.12  
310 EZK.44 EZK.45 ISA.19 HEB.13  
311 EZK.46 EZK.47 ISA.20 2CO.1  
312 EZK.48 ISA.21 2CO.2    
313 DAN.1 ISA.22 2CO.3    
314 DAN.2 ISA.23 2CO.3.12-18 2CO.4  
315 DAN.3 DAN.4 ISA.24 2CO.4.10-18 2CO.5.1-15
316 DAN.5 DAN.6 ISA.25 2CO.5.14-21 2CO.6.1-13
317 DAN.7 DAN.8 ISA.26 2CO.6.11-18 2CO.7
318 DAN.9 DAN.10 ISA.27 2CO.8  
319 DAN.11 DAN.12 ISA.28 2CO.9  
320 EZR.1 EZR.2 ISA.29 2CO.10  
321 EZR.3 EZR.4 ISA.30 2CO.11  
322 EZR.5 EZR.6 ISA.31 2CO.12  
323 EZR.7 EZR.8 ISA.32 2CO.13  
324 EZR.9 EZR.10 ISA.33 PHP.1  
325 NEH.1 NEH.2 ISA.34 PHP.2  
326 NEH.3 NEH.4 ISA.35 PHP.3  
327 NEH.5 NEH.6 ISA.36 PHP.4  
328 NEH.7 ISA.37 COL.1    
329 NEH.8 NEH.9 ISA.38 COL.2  
330 NEH.10 NEH.11 ISA.39 COL.2.13-23 COL.3
331 NEH.12 NEH.13 ISA.40.1-17 COL.4  
332 EST.1 EST.2 ISA.40.15-31 PHM.1  
333 EST.3 EST.4 ISA.41.1-20 2TH.1  
334 EST.5 EST.6 ISA.41.8-29 2TH.2  
335 EST.7 EST.8 ISA.42 2TH.3  
336 EST.9 EST.10 ISA.43 2TI.1  
337 JOL.1 JOL.2 ISA.44.1-18 2TI.2  
338 JOL.2.28-32 JOL.3 ISA.44.12-28 2TI.3  
339 AMO.1 AMO.2 ISA.44.24-28 ISA.45 2TI.4
340 AMO.3 AMO.4 ISA.45.22-25 ISA.46 2JN.1
341 AMO.5 AMO.6 ISA.47 3JN.1  
342 AMO.7 AMO.8 ISA.48 REV.1  
343 AMO.9 ISA.49.1-13 REV.2.1-11    
344 OBA.1 ISA.49.13-26 REV.2.12-29    
345 MIC.1 MIC.2 ISA.50 REV.3.1-13  
346 MIC.3 MIC.4 ISA.51 REV.3.7-22  
347 MIC.5 MIC.6 ISA.52 REV.4  
348 MIC.7 ISA.52.13-15 ISA.53 REV.5  
349 NAM.1 NAM.2 ISA.52.13-15 ISA.53 REV.6
350 NAM.3 ISA.54 REV.7    
351 HAB.1 HAB.2 ISA.55 REV.8  
352 HAB.3 ISA.55 REV.9    
353 ZEP.1 ZEP.2 ISA.56 REV.10  
354 ZEP.3 ISA.57 REV.11    
355 HAG.1 HAG.2 ISA.58 REV.12  
356 ZEC.1 ZEC.2 ISA.59 REV.13  
357 ZEC.3 ZEC.4 ZEC.5 ISA.60 REV.14
358 ZEC.6 ZEC.7 ISA.61 REV.15  
359 ZEC.8 ZEC.9 ISA.62 REV.16  
360 ZEC.10 ZEC.11 ISA.63 REV.17  
361 ZEC.12 ZEC.13 ISA.64 REV.18  
362 ZEC.14 ISA.65 REV.19    
363 MAL.1 MAL.2 ISA.65 REV.20  
364 MAL.3 ISA.66 REV.21    
365 MAL.4 ISA.66 REV.22    

Download the DDD Reading Plan: Right click and Save-as to download the 2015-2016 DDD Reading Plan Days.

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