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Read all the way through the Bible with us in 2015! You can't find a better New Year's resolution than that!

Podcasts are basically the Internet version of serialized radio programs. You can always listen just by coming to dailybiblereading.info, but if you have an Android or Apple smart device, you'll love the convenience of using the FREE Daily Bible Reading Podcast app.

Executive summary: If you have a smart device, I recommend downloading both the Bible.com app and the DBRP app for Android or Apple devices. Play around with both apps, then skip to the part below on how to DO BOTH reading and listening. If you are primarily going to be reading, I recommend that you subscribe to the Digging Deeper Daily plan at Bible.com. If you know that you will primarily be listening to the DBRP audio, signing up for the Digging Deeper Daily plan at Bible.com will probably not help you. If you will use a computer instead of a smart device, you can use your Internet browser and/or one of the podcast manager programs mentioned below. If you will be using your own Bible to read the Digging Deeper Daily plan, you will want to download and print the Digging Deeper Daily Reading Calendar.


If you  want to push yourself to be accountable for READING the Bible in a year, one of the best things you can do is to sign up for the Digging Deeper Daily plan at Bible.com. In order to do that, you need to first have registered an ID at Bible.com. One of the advantages to using Bible.com for your reading is that they will— if you have the appropriate setting activated, send e-mail encouragements and reminders to you about your reading activity. If you are new to Bible reading, I suggest that it will help you to stay on course if you choose to read a translation that is easy to understand, and my favorite is the NLT (New Living Translation). You will retain much more if you read out loud to yourself, or it also will help to add listening to your reading. If you are like me, reading silently just doesn't ‘cut it’ for reading from the Bible. I tend to skim too quickly and end up not really absorbing anything. Reading plus listening or reading out loud helps me to slow down enough to really get my mind engaged in what I am reading. At Bible.com, you can listen to many translations by hitting the site's little speaker-shaped button. The recordings are professionally done and excellent. But for variety, consider listening by tapping the ‘Devotional’ content link which will lead you here to dailybiblereading.info. OR, if you are using a smart device, you will probably find that it is easier to use one of the apps listed below to listen to the DBRP. Note that just using the Bible.com app by itself will not give you access to the devotional introductions and closing prayer that are available at this site, using the DBRP app, or listening to the podcasts.


There are podcast players for every type of computer or smart device! If you primarily plan to LISTEN and will not often read along— which I recommend if you will be listening on your daily commute to work, then use our DBRP app for your smart device. You can skip registering for the Digging Daily plan at Bible.com or via their app. On the occasions when you want to read one of the passages, you can simply click on the chapter link within the DBRP app. This will take you directly to the chapter at the Bible.com web site. Note for commuters: You will need an Internet connection to listen to the recordings that are part of Bible.com, so they may not work for your commute. But using the DBRP app or other podcast manager programs, you can download one or more episodes and listen to them without an Internet connection.


There are quite a few ways you can DO BOTH reading and listening— including using your Bible and one app, and combinations of apps, browsers, and podcast manager programs. Because I want to encourage you to read or listen to my brief introductions to the daily readings and participate in the closing prayer, here's my suggested method:

  • Start the audio for your Plan Day Number via the DBRP app or web site.
  • Leave the DBRP app playing my greetings and the first introductory paragraph while you shift to the Digging Deeper plan in the Bible.com app or web site. Using the plan within Bible.com provides a quick and easy way to open the three Bible portions for your Day Number.
    • As explained above, you can DO BOTH readding and listening with the Bible.com app alone, but you will only have access to their recordings and will not have access to my brief introductions to each reading and the closing prayer.

Android devices

Install our FREE app via the Play Store at THIS LINK or by searching for ‘dailybiblereadingpodcast’ (all mushed together in one word). Download podcasts via the menu button at the right.

Apple i-Devices

Install our FREE app via the App Store at THIS LINK or by searching for the ‘daily bible reading app’. DDd showthumbnail1400sq160
  • OR for Apple devices, go to the app store and download Apple's Podcasts app (with the purple icon). Then search in that app for "Daily Bible reading podcast" and among the choices you will find one the DBRP icons pictured here. I am sure some people will like the native Podcast app better than our dedicated DBRP app.
  • Or you can use this link to find the DBRP on iTunes


If you are using a Windows computer, you can also use iTunes. Use this link or search for ‘dailybiblereading’ on iTunes.  
OR for Windows, Apple and Linux computers, other podcast programs/players include Sticher Radio, PodkickergPodder, Miro, and Juice. In most of these you can paste the rss feed/code below into a subscription blank/form in order to enable regular listening.
rss code: http://dailybiblereading.libsyn.com/rss

Web site access

In addition to the dailybiblereading.info site, there are a number of other locations that are automatically updated with each podcast:
Libsyn.com http://dailybiblereading.libsyn.com/ You can download an episode at this site by right clicking on the upper left corner of the audio player.

Help others to be blessed by God's Word!

Not for my sake, but for the sake of others hearing about this podcast, I ask you to share about the DBRP with your friends and via social media.
Liking our Facebook page will help others find us:
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Download the 2015 Digging Deeper reading calendar HERE.


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