Listen using an MP3 player or using audio CDs

You can download a bunch of DBRP episodes and copy them to an MP3 player. This is easy to do— just like copying files to a flash disk. And MP3 players nowadays can hold a lot of episodes.

Or you can download the MP3 files and burn them onto an audio CD.

Your CD burning software will call this something like “Create an Audio CD.”
Burning the MP3 files onto a CD as a data project will work for archiving files,
but data CDs cannot be played using a boom box or on a car stereo.
Usually only three episodes will fit on an audio CD.

The 2016 GNT podcast series can be downloaded here.

If you want NLT episodes (which are being revised in 2017), please send me a private message via Facebook. My name there is philip.c.fields.