DayStarters_001 John 1a

Hi and welcome to the first edition of DayStarters.

Our daughter Hannah (with her husband and our three grand kids) have just recently settled in Jakarta. Hannah requested recordings of just the Gospel of John, with the prayer at the end. Ava is 7 and Joel is 6, and Devin is almost one. Their family has been through a lot of upheaval in the last year, and because of that, it seems best to home-school them this year, rather than subject them to yet another school in a strange city and culture. Hannah wanted something that she could play with a minimum of fuss at the beginning of each school day.

These recordings are simply the last reading and prayer from the GN series (using the Good News Bible) starting at day number 168. Sometimes the prayer will include topics that were from the other readings of the day.

So here we go, Hannah. We’re proud of you and love you!

And to anyone else listening, may the Lord bless you ‘real good’.

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