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To you faithful friends who use this legacy DBRP site, you have probably noticed this site degrading in quality. I have erased the player widget from this front page because I wasn’t able to fix it so that it would list 10 or more of the latest episodes. But don’t despair! If you don’t like the new organization of our new dailybiblereading.info site, let me suggest this BlogSpot page:


The BlogSpot site lists all the episodes for the current month, and below that organizes back episodes by month and year. The search box at the upper left also works to quickly find the episode number you want.

There are other ways to listen discussed on this blog page.

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Phil’s top 5 tips for reading the whole Bible in one year:

Your invitation to listen to the Daily Bible Reading Podcast!

Ways to READ ALONG with the podcasts

If you are already using a computer or smart device for listening to the DBRP, the easiest way to read along with Phil is to use the Youversion web site or their app. After registering at the site or in the app, open the Reading Plans page, choose Whole (Bible) plans, and look rather far down the list for the Digging Deeper Daily reading plan.

It is possible to listen using Youversion reading app, but this is only recommended if you are using a computer. Ctrl-click on the podcast links at the upper right on the Devotional Content pages to open the audio in a new tab.

When searching for the Digging Deeper plan, look for this picture:

However many people would rather use a real Bible for reading along. If so, it may be helpful to download and print the Digging Deeper Daily 2017 Reading Plan.

Let’s share together!

Whether you read the Bible using the Digging Deeper Daily plan,
listen to the podcasts, or do both,
we invite you share with us in the Digging Deeper Facebook group:

Here’s how to start listening to the Daily Bible Reading Podcasts starting TODAY:

You could just keep coming back to this web page everyday to listen, but there are easier ways for most people! I think the way that is most convenient is to use your smart phone or tablet to listen. Please find your device below.

If you are following the Digging Deeper reading plan using a smart device, I recommend using our DBRP listening app in tandem with the Youversion/Bible.com reading app. Start the listening app first, and then open the Youversion reading app while listening the introduction.

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